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The Taft FFA guidelines are set forth to enhance the agricultural educational experience of the students. The Taft FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Guidelines are written to act as a system of procedures for FFA members participating in Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs, Career

Development Events, Leadership Development Events, Leadership Training Events, and being on the Officer Team. Understanding these expectations is intended to help everyone have a great experience.


The National FFA Organization operates under a Federal Charter granted by the 81st Congress of the United States and is an integral part of public instruction in agriculture. The U.S. Department of Education provides leadership and helps set direction for the FFA as a service to state and local agricultural education programs.



FFA members must abide by all rules as published in the Taft I.S.D. Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. These handbooks can be found on the Taft ISD webpage. These rules will apply to all FFA events and settings. FFA members will be held accountable for any additional rules approved by the FFA Advisors, Principals, Director of CTE, and Superintendent that are specific to FFA. Failure to comply could result in conditional suspension depending on the severity of the case and circumstances.



A person’s conduct is directly related to their attitude. Members should see themselves as ambassadors, not only for their program, but for their school and community as well. People in other communities will develop an impression of Taft based on the conduct of our Members. Members with excessive and/or serious inappropriate behavior or attitude problems will be disciplined and could be removed from the FFA organization.

Always remember, Taft is on the back of every FFA Jacket!



Be a good citizen and associate with other good citizens.

Obey the laws of the community and the school.

Take pride in your schoolwork and do the very best that you can.

Be respectful to those in authority.

Take pride in your dress and appearance.

Treat equipment and property as if you paid for it.

Always tell the truth.

Take and keep only what belongs to you.

Be at every team practice and various events on time.

Give your best effort at every practice and competition.



Student members will be expected to:

maintain a minimum grade of 70 in all classes to be eligible to show/participate in all FFA extracurricular activities. If a student fails a grading period, the member is still expected to care for projects and attend practices. In addition, members who fail are ineligible for competition.

be successful in every class under the authority of the teacher and to demonstrate a respectful and cooperative attitude.



FFA members are expected to be in and on time to class every day. FFA members with excessive academic absences or tardies may be removed from a FFA team or a SAE Program/Project (Supervised Agriculture Experience). Absences, excused or unexcused, will be accessed by the advisor of each team.  Taft FFA Advisors will submit attendance for all school-related absences. These absences will be coded according to the Taft ISD Attendance Policy.



You may only have 3 unexcused tardies and/or absences before being dismissed from any FFA team. If you are going to be late or absent, you must notify your advisor(s) prior to practice.



FFA members are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. FFA Advisors and students will work together to develop an alternative schedule or solution when conflicts arise with other activities. District, Area, or State competition takes precedent over non-district Competition.



Students must meet the eligibility rules found in Section 400-446 of the Constitution and Contest Rules published by the University Interscholastic League and other rules provided by the Local Board. Students must obtain administrative approval to be eligible to participate in FFA activities.



Members are required to travel to FFA events with the team unless extenuating circumstances arise. All arrangements must be made prior to the trip. For Livestock Show travel, please see the livestock show section.

All school district and campus policies must be followed on FFA trips.



Ag Teachers/FFA Advisors will not be allowed to stay in rooms with Taft ISD students.

The responsibility will be placed on the FFA students to behave properly, appropriately and to follow all written and oral rules/directions given, when staying overnight on a school sponsored event. It is a privilege to travel as a member of Taft FFA; therefore, students must act in such a way that affords them this privilege. Any misconduct will result in disciplinary action from Taft ISD administrators and FFA Advisors.



The FFA member is expected to represent their community, Chapter, and school with integrity and class. A FFA member who displays improper conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by school administrators and FFA Advisors. Discipline could result in dismissal from the FFA organization.



The student may be removed from the FFA program if the student engages in conduct punishable as a felony listed under Title V of the Texas Penal Code. Only the FFA Advisors may suspend a member from the total program. Reinstatement may occur, if the advisors have reevaluated the member’s attitude, behavior, and/or academic performance and see a significant change. The team advisor may suspend a member from the team. Documentation of why the member is being suspended will be provided and the parents will be contacted. The FFA Advisors are responsible for seeing that discipline is consistent; however, punishment will be determined based on history and offense. FFA Advisors and Taft I.S.D. Administration will work collaboratively in determining proper disciplinary action.



Students that are assigned ISS may practice after school but may not participate in competitions unless they have fulfilled their ISS assignment.


Students placed in DAEP will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities during the length of their placement. When a student is assigned to DAEP and serving in a leadership role, they will have the opportunity to resign from their position or be removed by the FFA Advisors. Once the student returns to campus, they will serve a probationary period which will limit their involvement in all FFA activities. Students who are repeatedly assigned to ISS or DAEP will be dismissed from the FFA program.



As a student-member you represent your team and advisors, your school, Chapter, and your community. With that privilege, comes responsibility. In order for Taft FFA to be a competitive program, members must maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Advisors and adults should receive “yes Ma’am”, “yes Sir”, “no Ma’am”, and “no Sir” responses from members when addressing them. Whenever Advisors are talking, members are to give them their undivided attention. All decisions made by Agriculture Science Teachers is final. Students need to respect any directives and decisions made. Advisors will be addressed in a professional manner by calling them by their proper names.




HAIR: As stated in the THS Student Handbook, distracting colors and haircuts that

are not a natural human color are not permitted.


FACIAL HAIR: Male FFA members will be clean-shaven or have groomed facial hair (Advisor’s discretion) during competition and activities at which the student is representing Taft FFA. We will maintain a uniform, clean, and neat appearance.



Students participating in contests will be expected to wear official dress.

Girls:    white collared shirt (buttoned to the neck)

            Black closed toe hose or tights

Solid Black skirt (minimum knee length.) If it has a slit, it must not be more than 2 inches.

            Solid black closed toe closed heel shoes


Boys:  White collared shirt (buttoned to the neck)

            Solid black slacks

            Black socks

            Solid black shoes or solid black boots



We believe that the awards students receive for taking part in FFA are symbols of hard work, dedicated effort, positive attitude, and a desire to be successful. Therefore, all students are encouraged to strive to letter in FFA. Students who are President or Vice-President, or serve in office all 4 years will receive an FFA patch. Those who advance to State will receive an FFA patch.



In accordance with Taft I.S.D. Career & Technical Education overnight travel procedures, Ag Teachers/FFA Advisors will only attend livestock shows where 2 or more students are exhibiting their projects.


Exhibitors may attend other livestock shows, but it will be the parent’s responsibility to make travel arrangements and transportation of animal to the show. Livestock shows can be very large and very spread out. It is required that all exhibitors (students) are accompanied by a parent/guardian.


With today’s educational financial status, we must be mindful of our travel expenses. Therefore, if only one student is entered in any division of any livestock shows, an advisor will not be allowed to attend. It will be the responsibility of the students and parents to attend the show on their own and transport their own animal.


In some circumstances, it may be required to have more than one teacher/advisor attend any given stock show. This will be determined on a case by case basis. For livestock shows, members and their parent/guardian must be present. This is an optional activity in which it will not be a sponsored event. Hotels, meals, & travel is the responsibility of the member.


Taft FFA will only transport member’s animal/project that resides at the Taft Ag barn to the respective stock show. Once arrived, it is the members’ responsibility to care for the animal. The AST’s will not be responsible for any injury or illness that an animal incurs during travel.



Taft FFA does have a facility to house animals. Spaces are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. Please see the Barn Contract for more details.



To be eligible to run, the member must be:

·         Enrolled in a High School Agriculture course;

·         Meet requirements of an active member;

·         Been a member of the Taft FFA/Jr. FFA Chapter for one year previous; and

·         Elected by majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting

*All representatives must meet the A&H show requirements to be eligible.



To be eligible to run, the member must be:

·         Senior in High School;

·         Minimum 2 years in the FFA program; and

·         Have participated in an FFA event (LDE, CDE, Speaking, Livestock)



Students have multiple opportunities for other scholarships and awards. These are attained by keeping an accurate record book. Record books may be accessed from any device with Wi-Fi including a cell phone. Agriculture Science Teachers will help guide the students and answer questions about entries. However, it is the students own responsibility to have the record book updated regularly and complete for awards.



Senior FFA Members that have completed the following are eligible to receive a graduation cord from the FFA.

·         3 years in the FFA;

·         Participate in at least two LDE, CDE, or speaking events;

·         Participated in at least 3 fundraising activities; and

·         Attend a minimum of 3 Chapter meetings per year.



There are many scholarships opportunities available through the State FFA Organization. Students who wish to apply must have been in agriculture for a minimum of 3 years and kept an accurate record book with a completed SAE. Other scholarships are available and can be discussed individually with student classes. Please see one of the Agriculture Science Teachers for more information.  


The Taft FFA Chapter also presents scholarships to FFA Members in an amount to be determined by the Scholarship committee. Scholarship committee will be set up at a spring meeting (consisting of non-senior parents, non-senior members and advisors). Scholarships will be given at the End of the Year FFA Banquet.


Requirements to apply for the Taft FFA scholarship include:

·         3 years in the FFA;

·         Participate in at least two LDE, CDE, or speaking events;

·         Participated in at least 3 fundraising activities; and

·         Attend a minimum of 3 Chapter meetings per year.

* It is up to the scholarship committee, after review of the applications, if an interview of all candidates is needed.

* Scholarships may be issued when the recipient brings an official class schedule with a minimum of 12 hours/semester, and a copy of student ID.

*Scholarships are void after 1 year of receiving at the Banquet.


2018-2019 Chapter Officer Handbook Cheryl Handy 3/28/2018 83 KB



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